Who is an Entrepreneur?



And so I was given the task to explain who exactly  can  be called an entrepreneur! I gave very wide  smile and thought, ‘5 minute job’. All I had to do was  Google it up, and my work was done. When you  Google “entrepreneur meaning” you get this “a  person who sets up a business or businesses, taking  on financial risks in the hope of profit” which clearly  was not a satisfying answer. After an hour of  “Google-ing” I ended up with nothing other than the title on the page.


Finally I decided to use my oldman’s trick, that is to imagine how you would explain a five year old the “thing”, if he understands so would others. And hence I ended up randomly asking my friends, ‘Hey how would you explain a five year old about entrepreneurs’. One of them quoted “Someone who sell things with his ideas” and that left me wondering.

Come to think of it, entrepreneurs are like farmers. Why farmer? We all know what farmers do. A farmer gets the seed, plants it. The seed grows into a fine crop, under the care of the farmer and after a successful harvest, the farmer sells of his crop. When we are talking about entrepreneurs, the seeds are like the ideas based on which he builds the foundation of his business. The business flourishes like the crops, and then the entrepreneur sells up his product like the farmer sells the crop. So now I know what Google was trying to say. The story can be other way round too, that is farmers can be entrepreneurs too.

Entrepreneurs are swimmers, swimming out there with their ideas, swimming further into the ocean from the shore, overcoming difficulties, putting their fate at risk and bravely forging ahead, making their way towards the horizon, in search of success.

We all know all kinds of entrepreneurs starting from Mark Zuckerberg an internet entrepreneur, co-founder of facebook , to the guy who is residing in the house next door with a small start-up of his own. As the old saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibilities”, Entrepreneurs bear the responsibility of shaping the world with their ideas, withhold the power to change the world upside down with their great ideas. If not anything, they touch the lives of the people they come across.

The best part of being an entrepreneur or knowing one is that they are a huge source of inspiration for you to look up to.  They are like an infinite source of motivation, telling you to never give up and encourage you to bravely face the road less travelled. So the next time you meet an Entrepreneur, let him/her inspire you by the untold stories written by them.