UC Browser

I used UC Browser on my mobile phone nokia 7210 supernova. It was a jar file, running on symbian OS, with appealing UI for the user and remained well against all the other browser which kept crashing. Back in those days, using internet with default internet browser was no easy job but UC browser gave an UI similar to that of the one I used in the desktop so it was quiet helpful.

Then I switched to mobile smart phone, with android OS. Being a fan of UC Browser as I was, I downloaded over here too. I was surprised to find that it was faster that its competitor browser and the UI were made more user-friendly. uc browserUC-browser

Basically when you open the app, you can see a whole lot of option, which one frequently uses like facebook, google or flipkart and half your work is already done. When you horizontally scroll, you get more options. Apart from that if you scroll below you get to see  icons for top sites, videos-music-pics, download Zone, shopping-Dating… , Cricket-sports, Headlines-Jokes and finally most visited which almost covers everything you want to see. Everything in just one or few clicks. You don’t really have to do the typing work half of the time.

addonsApart from that, you can additionally add the add-ons which you an option to share something like a webpage or take screenshots easily using the add-ons. There is also a QR scanner, so you don’t have to additionally install a QR scanner app. More over you can have add blocker and many more(image on left).

When you click on search, it gives you option above as web, video, shop, image, app. Each of which has further options like for web you can pick Google or bing or yahoo, or if wish to shop you get flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, jabong just one on click(image on right). Makes things a whole lot easier.


Moreover you can switch your browser to night mode to adjust the screen brightness suitable for browsing during night(image on left).

Best part, you can easily switch on and off the incognito mode of the tab you are using, it is like you can change your incognito mode window to normal and vice-versa(image on right).


Finally they provide and exit option, when you wish to go back and exit, with options like clear browsing history(image on left).

So go ahead and give UC Browser a try.


Are you murdering your dreams?

Why walk when you can fly” Those Plain simple words, grabbed my attention back into the heated debate on Job Vs Entrepreneurship. The competition was held after college hours. Exhausted to death, the responsibility of being Event Co-ordinator suddenly lost all its glittery appeal, and Pratiksha, a person who dared to dream in the wake of daylight, got me thinking about her views and suddenly it struck me, what I thought was just another debate competition was not so for the participants. Standing there, expressing the views was actually how they envisioned. The beholder of the future of our country, were right there, standing in front of me, the future Entrepreneurs. I saw warriors, fighting for their dream, declaring life a war. Those courageous warriors were willing to bring a miracle into your life.

But just as it ended, the very next day, when I came across them, those who only yesterday were the mighty holders of their dreams, hesitated to risk their life lacking faith in themselves and the power of what-they-think-is a mere thought rather than an idea which could turn their lives into upside down. I felt a pang of sadness. This is not new news that people having potential of being an entrepreneur with their ideas are not living their dreams. But what is holding them back? Some say they just can’t afford to risk everything with responsibility for feeding their entire family on their back, others say they just are not made for it, the list of excuses are endless. To be honest, it seemed like they lacked courage and motivation. And whose fault do you think it is? If you start playing the blame game, it’s clearly an impasse. You can blame the parents for holding them back, or worst you can even blame the government which is not exactly an irrelevant thing to blame. Instead what we should do is have faith and courage to support them and their dreams. Anyhow it all seemed like a full-fledged murdering scheme to put an end to your dreams.

James Joyce said, “Mistake are portals of discover”. You don’t realize yourself, not unless you make mistakes in life. This isn’t some self help article and I’m not here to lecture you about learning from your mistakes. But this is what I have observed so far in my life and you have too. What today may seem like the biggest mistake your life, might seem like the worst decision you’ll be taking, while thinking all too rationally, could actually mark the beginning of your road to success. Although following your heart thing might sound like a cliche but then again when every single day, I pass by uncountable number of people; half of them are already entrepreneurs doing what they really wanted, is the best thing they have bargained from life. So go ahead, make mistakes and paint your life your way and make your dreams come true instead of being a murderer of your dreams.

BLUECHITS- Crowdifying Dreams

“So you what are you planning to do after quitting?”BC Logo - Medium (PNG)

“I am going to establish my own start-up” and then, only few months later he launched Bluechits.

Let me tell you a short story, the story of an emerging start-up. Sahil, a school friend of mine, right now in his third year of B.Com and in last level of CA, also an exceptionally brilliant photographer, said he was going to start working over his idea and have a start-up of his own. Apart from having already-so-much-do-to he decided to forge ahead with his idea and risk it all.

So basically it all started about a year ago when Sahil Bhatia, the founder of Bluechits, had an idea to open up a platform where creative geniuses (or anyone with an innovations or an idea) could showcase they work and get expert help on their work. Next thing he did was call up his childhood buddy Prabhav Manchanda, also the co-founder of Bluechits, to discuss and go ahead with the idea. And finally his childhood sweetheart came up with the name. The two words, blue which signifies the limitless sky and chits which unfolds the secrets hidden within them, clearly defines their work and thus the name Bluechits.

Somewhere in the month of May, of this year, they decided to crowd fund a photography campaign. It was then when they actually realized that India lacks a crowd funding platform and on may 20th Bluechits became India’s crowd funding platform.

Following that they started their work by building their platform on web, using wordpress . Initially they started off on their own. Upon realizing that they need a specialist they hired a web designer. Here comes the tragedy of this story, the girl (web designer) hacked their accounts and tried blackmailing them. But it took them less than a day to take back all their accounts and obviously fired her and deleted all the work she had done. Sahil said, “It turned out to be a very very bad experience” while he was describing the whole experience. With the lesson learned, Sahil decided to do it himself and began designing from the scratch. In less than two months he came up with a beta form for their platform(https://www.bluechits.com/).

Meanwhile Bluechits got shortlisted and made it to the semi-finals of Eureka-14(B-plan competition) and Tata First Dot by NEN. Sahil remarked that, “by getting short listed for all these competitions it gave us a proper direction”. He added, “On 1st Nov I suddenly got a call from Manchanda saying Eureka Eureka!” It took him a while to realize what he was saying.

Currently they established their roots with several campaigners, few other start-ups and some NGOs. Their start up went from a creative idea to a proper business proposition of Crowdfunding, right now climbing the stairs of success, all the while Crowdifying dream.

Entrepreneurs: nurtured or in nature

I have a confession to make. I had no idea about what an E-Cell does really while joining it. Well, with no disrespect intended to any of the college clubs, my instinct doesn’t approve of its functioning till this day either. The reason behind becoming a part of such clubs for students is maybe the lack of choices, lack of things to do, lack of knowledge of what one truly wishes to do, lack of effective mentor in selecting things, the ‘something is better than nothing’ ideology .

They say that the motto of “the E-Clubs” is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among all the students. To quote an anonymous entrepreneur, “It doesn’t matter which business school you go to or what books you read, you can’t go into Boots and buy a bottle of entrepreneurial juice-entrepreneurial spirit is something you are born with.” Personally, I believe if one really has it in him, you don’t really need to take him through endless case studies, speaker sessions and accounting ethics.

A person can’t become an entrepreneur until he doesn’t have the zeal to risk in order to get high returns. Risk taking ability doesn’t come from bookish knowledge as much as it comes from the heart. The real guts have to come from within. Otherwise, every now and then, there would have been one. Attitude is the most vital characteristic that, I assure, can’t be trained. Think of people who nailed it without any formal training, just with their ability to determine and forsee, Dhirubhai Ambani, Mr. Agrawal of Vishal Megamart fame and many more to be listed.

Experience, knowledge and observation count definitely but I am not sure if we can teach someone to LOVE to take risks. It is hardwired in the individual. The debate over whether entrepreneurs are just born that way, or can be taught the skills to start and run a successful business, shall keep dividing opinions forever. And I’ll stay firm by mine till I discover a reason, worthy enough, to stand on the other side.

Who is an Entrepreneur?



And so I was given the task to explain who exactly  can  be called an entrepreneur! I gave very wide  smile and thought, ‘5 minute job’. All I had to do was  Google it up, and my work was done. When you  Google “entrepreneur meaning” you get this “a  person who sets up a business or businesses, taking  on financial risks in the hope of profit” which clearly  was not a satisfying answer. After an hour of  “Google-ing” I ended up with nothing other than the title on the page.


Finally I decided to use my oldman’s trick, that is to imagine how you would explain a five year old the “thing”, if he understands so would others. And hence I ended up randomly asking my friends, ‘Hey how would you explain a five year old about entrepreneurs’. One of them quoted “Someone who sell things with his ideas” and that left me wondering.

Come to think of it, entrepreneurs are like farmers. Why farmer? We all know what farmers do. A farmer gets the seed, plants it. The seed grows into a fine crop, under the care of the farmer and after a successful harvest, the farmer sells of his crop. When we are talking about entrepreneurs, the seeds are like the ideas based on which he builds the foundation of his business. The business flourishes like the crops, and then the entrepreneur sells up his product like the farmer sells the crop. So now I know what Google was trying to say. The story can be other way round too, that is farmers can be entrepreneurs too.

Entrepreneurs are swimmers, swimming out there with their ideas, swimming further into the ocean from the shore, overcoming difficulties, putting their fate at risk and bravely forging ahead, making their way towards the horizon, in search of success.

We all know all kinds of entrepreneurs starting from Mark Zuckerberg an internet entrepreneur, co-founder of facebook , to the guy who is residing in the house next door with a small start-up of his own. As the old saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibilities”, Entrepreneurs bear the responsibility of shaping the world with their ideas, withhold the power to change the world upside down with their great ideas. If not anything, they touch the lives of the people they come across.

The best part of being an entrepreneur or knowing one is that they are a huge source of inspiration for you to look up to.  They are like an infinite source of motivation, telling you to never give up and encourage you to bravely face the road less travelled. So the next time you meet an Entrepreneur, let him/her inspire you by the untold stories written by them.