Are you murdering your dreams?

Why walk when you can fly” Those Plain simple words, grabbed my attention back into the heated debate on Job Vs Entrepreneurship. The competition was held after college hours. Exhausted to death, the responsibility of being Event Co-ordinator suddenly lost all its glittery appeal, and Pratiksha, a person who dared to dream in the wake of daylight, got me thinking about her views and suddenly it struck me, what I thought was just another debate competition was not so for the participants. Standing there, expressing the views was actually how they envisioned. The beholder of the future of our country, were right there, standing in front of me, the future Entrepreneurs. I saw warriors, fighting for their dream, declaring life a war. Those courageous warriors were willing to bring a miracle into your life.

But just as it ended, the very next day, when I came across them, those who only yesterday were the mighty holders of their dreams, hesitated to risk their life lacking faith in themselves and the power of what-they-think-is a mere thought rather than an idea which could turn their lives into upside down. I felt a pang of sadness. This is not new news that people having potential of being an entrepreneur with their ideas are not living their dreams. But what is holding them back? Some say they just can’t afford to risk everything with responsibility for feeding their entire family on their back, others say they just are not made for it, the list of excuses are endless. To be honest, it seemed like they lacked courage and motivation. And whose fault do you think it is? If you start playing the blame game, it’s clearly an impasse. You can blame the parents for holding them back, or worst you can even blame the government which is not exactly an irrelevant thing to blame. Instead what we should do is have faith and courage to support them and their dreams. Anyhow it all seemed like a full-fledged murdering scheme to put an end to your dreams.

James Joyce said, “Mistake are portals of discover”. You don’t realize yourself, not unless you make mistakes in life. This isn’t some self help article and I’m not here to lecture you about learning from your mistakes. But this is what I have observed so far in my life and you have too. What today may seem like the biggest mistake your life, might seem like the worst decision you’ll be taking, while thinking all too rationally, could actually mark the beginning of your road to success. Although following your heart thing might sound like a cliche but then again when every single day, I pass by uncountable number of people; half of them are already entrepreneurs doing what they really wanted, is the best thing they have bargained from life. So go ahead, make mistakes and paint your life your way and make your dreams come true instead of being a murderer of your dreams.


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