BLUECHITS- Crowdifying Dreams

“So you what are you planning to do after quitting?”BC Logo - Medium (PNG)

“I am going to establish my own start-up” and then, only few months later he launched Bluechits.

Let me tell you a short story, the story of an emerging start-up. Sahil, a school friend of mine, right now in his third year of B.Com and in last level of CA, also an exceptionally brilliant photographer, said he was going to start working over his idea and have a start-up of his own. Apart from having already-so-much-do-to he decided to forge ahead with his idea and risk it all.

So basically it all started about a year ago when Sahil Bhatia, the founder of Bluechits, had an idea to open up a platform where creative geniuses (or anyone with an innovations or an idea) could showcase they work and get expert help on their work. Next thing he did was call up his childhood buddy Prabhav Manchanda, also the co-founder of Bluechits, to discuss and go ahead with the idea. And finally his childhood sweetheart came up with the name. The two words, blue which signifies the limitless sky and chits which unfolds the secrets hidden within them, clearly defines their work and thus the name Bluechits.

Somewhere in the month of May, of this year, they decided to crowd fund a photography campaign. It was then when they actually realized that India lacks a crowd funding platform and on may 20th Bluechits became India’s crowd funding platform.

Following that they started their work by building their platform on web, using wordpress . Initially they started off on their own. Upon realizing that they need a specialist they hired a web designer. Here comes the tragedy of this story, the girl (web designer) hacked their accounts and tried blackmailing them. But it took them less than a day to take back all their accounts and obviously fired her and deleted all the work she had done. Sahil said, “It turned out to be a very very bad experience” while he was describing the whole experience. With the lesson learned, Sahil decided to do it himself and began designing from the scratch. In less than two months he came up with a beta form for their platform(

Meanwhile Bluechits got shortlisted and made it to the semi-finals of Eureka-14(B-plan competition) and Tata First Dot by NEN. Sahil remarked that, “by getting short listed for all these competitions it gave us a proper direction”. He added, “On 1st Nov I suddenly got a call from Manchanda saying Eureka Eureka!” It took him a while to realize what he was saying.

Currently they established their roots with several campaigners, few other start-ups and some NGOs. Their start up went from a creative idea to a proper business proposition of Crowdfunding, right now climbing the stairs of success, all the while Crowdifying dream.


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